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Welcome to the Control Room!

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My Other Projects

One of my silly ideas, currently maintained by Terotrous and McDuffies. It's a parody of webcomics at their very worst with purposefully horrible art and writing meant to drive you into tears.

Thinking about starting a webcomic? Read this first. But remember, you enter at your own risk.

My Giant Comics List Which is in No Particular Order Whatsoever

by John Fortman
Beautiful and original fantasy about a winged girl who can't fly. And many other things besides.

by Lynn Lau
Demons, warlords, goths, dragons and just unbridled zaniness!!

by Justin Pierce
The best new superhero comic evah! Seriously, superpowered despot is bonded to whiny teenage girl...

by Ju-Lian and Shinyu
Manga-style fantasy in a videogame world.

by Robin Meyer
Plot points and cliches have never been so deadly!

by Ewan Baird
The ISPs are waging war, and only War can stop them. At least, we hope he can do so without killing us all.

by Adam Askins and Chuck Cottrell
Three comics for the price of one! Cute angels and grim reapers run rampant! Whoo!

by Rodrigo Pin
Absolutely unique tale of a earth boy who marries an space alien (who is NOT a furry).

by Srdjan Achimovich
When your local fastfood joint require you to catch your own food, life at McDuffies has got to be interesting.

by Laura K.
Zany adventures, manga style.

by Becca Ming
A twisted fairytale of chilling porportions.

by Diana Cameron McQueen
You're the ace of spades, but you still can't remember your name.

by Peta Hewitt
An alien boy is the last of an almost extinct race and the key to the return of a defeated empire.

by Clint Hollingsworth
Mixing survivalisms and cutting-edge sci-fi, Ravenwing and her scouts struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

by Gloria Manderfield
Two bounty hunters, one target, and one condition: survival.

by Jops
When a dragon has his own army, taking over the world and selling it for a good price has never been so convoluted.

by Adrian Ramos
Can't sleep? Count sheep! Really cute sheep!

by Bob Oosterwijk
It's a parody of every single sci-fi and fantasy film out there, all rolled into a work of comedic genius.

by Yarpsdat
When you're from nowhere, going nowhere is progress.

by Jesse Chen
The nightmare has just begun.

by Stephen Crowley
It's a comic about nudists, but in case you were thinking, no, it ain't porn!

by Stephen Crowley
An apparently normal girl with no powers joins a superhero academy...

by Colby Purcell
Pansy elves, midget dwarves... oh the funny!!!

by Josh Sortelli
The antics and adventures of an online Role-Playing chatroom. It's so funny because it's true.

by J Harper
Adventures in a fantasy world. I make it sound boring, but it really it better than the description says.

by Elizabeth A.
Just darn blar-dy cute. :D

White Hydra by Miguel Caron
Awesome art, and pretty cool spin on a classic story.

(Other Comics I have yet to add descriptions for)

Yellow Moon

Colliding Worlds

Constant Flux

Emperor of Orphans


Glory to The Brave

If Then Else

Math's World

Nekko and Joruba

Philosophy Bites

Purgatory and Cocytus

Quest of the Silly

Station V3

Tonja Steele


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