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Back in 2002, before I got my Keenspace account, I did this run of what I now call "Footfalls in the Dark". Back then, it was called Prodigy. It never got put on the 'net because I didn't find a host I liked then. About halfway through page 30, I stopped and restarted on Four Years Late, which is now the first chapter of the Jaded.

I should mention that the story was very very different back then and what is implied in these pages may not exist now. There are also minor characters who don't exist anymore (or yet). I won't put all if it up, because it contains spoilers for future storylines that I have not reached as of now, but I might put them up in the future when those storylines are revealed.

Pity though. One of the pictures was a picture of Doc Ice before he got scarred. That might have been interesting to some of you.

I had to remove page 4 and 5, because in it you see a character that won't appear this early

Page 9, 10 and 11 are supposed to go here,
but I removed them because they gave away a future plot point.

Page 19 and 20 removed, because they give away yet another plot point.

Pages 23, 24, and 25 removed, because you see characters that you're not supposed to see yet.

Pages 26 and 27 had to be removed. Pity, because the aforementioned pictures of Doc Ice are in here.

Page 28 had to be removed as well, because it gave away too much about one of the chracters' background.

I did a few more pencils after this, but I (Blasted it) lost the originals before I scanned them.

And that's it.

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