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The Old Jaded Gallery - Stuff that never made it to the front page.

This is where the art gallery where I post old versions of the comic, rejects and other stuff.

Here are some old old old versions of the comic:

Right Here's an old pencil panel, of Jade and Jin's first meeting. That was how the story used to begin. I gave that up because it was a bit draggy. I might put it in a flashback later.

Below: Here's a version of Jade, when I first added the crucifix earring. It used to be a plain one before. This was also during the time I actually used to ink!

Left: Another version of the comic, with early versions of Jade and Juno. Jin looks pretty much the same as she's every done.

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The Jaded and all its characters are mine, all mine, my precioussssss... little theivesss no takes them from usss or elses.

Works by anyone else are theirs, of course.