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Welcome to the Living Quarters!

I'll try to keep these spoiler free, but read em at your own risk.

The Mercenaries

Name : Jin
Real Name : Jin Bao

Saved from commiting suicide at the age of 25 by Jade, Jin accepted Jade's offer of a fresh start. Now fully trained, she joins the Greenstone Agency as the newest member of the group. Cautious, quiet, but with the eyes that miss little in

Name : Jade
Real Name : Jacob Greenstone Lanner

Known to almost everyone as 'Jade', the mercenary captain is both a saviour and thorn in many people's sides. Cunning, opportunistic... but with a strong sense of something that could almost be called justice.

Name : Doc Ice
Real Name : Dr. Isaac Freyton

Known to the inhabitants of Lanner Place as Doc Ice, or just Doc, Doc Ice is the rather scary-looking medic for the Greenstone mercenaries. A good soul in a wreck of a body, the good doctor is actually a lot nicer than he looks.

With odd sleeping habits and a liking for tea, the generally even-tempered and level-headed doctor is sometimes subject to fits of moroseness. Has a Siberian Husky named Caleb.

Name : Juno
Real Name : Rodney Juno Keaton

One moment a cool and capable mercenary, an insecure and awkward teenager the next, Juno is something of a split personality. A firm hand and sharp eyes make him a deadly sniper, while his boyish good looks serve to mask how dangerous he can sometimes be.

Name : Lysanne
Real Name : Lysanne Reinhard DeVois

There still are people who remember Lysanne from her days on the stage, as a moderately sucessful West End actress and as a on-the-edge-of-stardom screen actress. There are also people who remember how her career came to a crashing end in a bizarre attack by a deranged fan. What most people remember about Lysanne is that she simply dropped out of the public eye.

Years later, she has resurfaced as a mercenary in Jade's company, where she uses both her old and new skills in the interests of those involved. Despite possessing great leadership qualities, she is reluctant to lead and is content in simply serving the agency she had inexplicably pledged her loyalty to.

Name : Rust
Real Name : -Classified-

In his youth, Rust was a member of the very notorious Firekris hackers. Now reformed, he functions as an intelligence operative and doubles as security officer for Lanner Place.

Rust owes his freedom to Jade, whose used his influence to save Rust from a lengthy prison term when Rust betrayed his gang for a chance to start afresh. For this reason, Rust is a hunted man and he is rarely allowed to leave Lanner Place alone.

Despite the fact, Rust in surprisingly cheerful about his situation.

Chapter 1 Characters

Carlos de la Noche

The captain of the rival mercenary group Los Angles de la Noche. In his previous entanglements with the Greenstone Agency, he has learned to appreciate, and to despise the efficiency at which his rival Jade Lanner operates.

Jen Wilcox

The neglected child of the great industrialist Scott Wilcox, Jen habours resentment at her repentant father.


Guardian Angel or Shadowy Destroyer? Only time will tell.

Chapter 2 Characters

Gaile Moore

Mathematical child prodigy.

Marrise Moore

An ex-nurse devoted to the raising of her daughter. Divorced.

Thomas Moore.

Father of Gaile Moore and ex-husband of Marisse. Seperated from his daughter.

Sonya Gibson

Capable (scary) nurse and housekeeper for Thomas Moore. Fiercely protective of her charges.

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