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The Studio

Anyone who's read The Jaded long enough will know that the entire comic is simply a gigantic experiment in art.

But what use are experiments if the results aren't recorded?

And that's what the Studio is for. I don't see the Studio as a pure tutorial site. That would imply I actually know what I'm doing. I'm simply recording what I've learnt so far. Hopefully, these will be of use to you.

New Figure Drawing Tutorial Below!! (14/11/2004)

Photoshop Tips

Darkening lines in Photoshop : Using Levels (1/2/2004)
How I darken pencil artwork in Photoshop

Colouring Images : 'Multiply' Mode on Layers (1/2/2004)
How I add base colours to grainy pencil images.

Shading Makes the Style : Simple Cell Shading (1/2/2004)
How to do simple cell shading as often seen in comics.

Drawing Tips

Figure Drawing: Geometry for Bodies in Motion (14/11/2004) NEW!
Drawing bodies. Basic Proportions, frame lines, cross-sectioning, shape planing. All to try and get better-looking figures.
Basically my summary of how a figure-drawing impaired person (i.e. me) learnt to draw figures!

Figure Drawing: Geometry for Faces (25/2/2004)
Drawing a face using an oval. As old fashioned as this technique is, I'd be helpless without it.

Drawing: Slugs with a Computer Mouse (07/04/2004)
Drawing a slug with nothing but a computer and a mouse.
...a Computer mouse, Wiseguy!

Techniques, Tips and Tricks Requests

(These are quick tips I whipped up in response to requests on the Keenspace's Techniques, Tricks and Tips Forum.)

Soul Train's Request
Person looking up and with legs crossed.

Crooked Halo's Request
Drawing arms pointed at the viewer.

The Quick Breasts Tutorial (07/04/2004)
(AlmightyPyro's Request)
The Most Common Mistakes people make while drawing breasts.
WARNING: Bare breasts here in a non-sexual way. Just so you know.

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