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Darkening lines in Photoshop : Using Levels

If I had to ink my comic, I wouldn't have started The Jaded. This is because before I started I sat down and calculated the time it'd take me to do a page if I had to pencil, ink and colour every page. I won't bore you with the exact details, but in short, the answer was: Far Too Much.

To be practical, one of those stages had to go. I'd never really quite liked what inking did to my art anyway, so I dumped it.

Now, for people like me who don't ink, it's imperative that the pencil lines we scan are darkened. After all, we wouldn't want to give the poor readers a case of eye-strain, would we?

I learnt the following method from Faub from Fallen Angels Used Books:

Step 1

Here we have a lovely scanned image of Lysanne in pencil:

Step 2

We select the Image > Levels menu.

"Levels" can also be accessed through the shortcut key: (Ctrl + L ) for Windows and (Cmd + L) for Mac

Step 3

Shifting the middle arrow on the slider towards the right, we see that the lines become darker, but a fuzziness begins to appear as well.

Step 4

Now we shift the rightmost arrow towards the left.

This takes care of the fuzziness, but be careful... overdoing it will lose you some of the details on the original picture. The trick is to find a happy balance.

Step 5

There's still some messy areas left. Time to touch it up with some white paint!

And there you go! A nice clean image with darkened lines!

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